Chris is a Systems Specialist for Macy’s Tech with extensive experience in Point of Sale technology and component-level electronics repair. Additionally, he designs and develops web, desktop and embedded applications to support repair, diagnostics and deployment processes. Chris served in the US Navy from 1983 to 1992 where he was trained in electronics repair.

Currently, Chris is working on a solid-state hard drive solution for the ROLM MOD-10/MOD-50 telephone PBX for Macy’s. This project promises to be a low-cost and elegant solution. Also, on the horizon is an automated system for preparing POS devices for deployment using robotics. This will be a system he creates from scratch in order to save costs and acquire parts below capital minimums.

Chris strives every day to learn more to improve his knowledge and skills. He leaves no stone unturned when presented with a challenge. It is said that Chris never gives up. He is highly self-motivated and passionately interested in any subject at hand. Chris has a knack for finding resources.

After his Navy career, Chris worked for a small company named Dealer Services for about five years. His aptitude was noticed, and he quickly made his way for Director of IT begin responsible for the point-of-sale system. Dealer Services unfortunately closed, and Chris moved on to one of its vendors, Cliffco, where he introduced an RMA database system using Access 95 and integrating with a Novell network. Soon after that, then Federated Systems Group, now Macy’s Technology brought him onboard as a Tech II repairing all thing POS. In short order, Chris upgraded their repair database from DBase IV and Clipper to SQL Server and ASP.Net. Additionally, Chris wrote many desktop apps in support of bench repair.

Chris is quite happy where he is but keeps an open mind for the future. Your challenge may sway him. He has always had a dream of owning and operating his own hobby electronics store. Reach out to https://www.facebook.com/Christopher.L.Courson to connect!